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3D Imaging and CBCT and Cone Beams – OH MY!

3D Imaging and CBCT and Cone Beams – OH MY!

There has been A LOT of interest lately in dental 3D imaging (technically known as Cone-Beam Computerized Tomography or CBCT)- especially regarding its use in evaluating root canal teeth and areas in the bone where teeth have been removed.  Below are some answers to the most commonly asked questions from our TKDDS community of patients.  We hope it is helpful and we WELCOME you into this important conversation! What is a Cone Beam (CBCT)? Cone-beam computed tomography systems (CBCT) are a variation of a CT Scan.  The data collected by the scan is used to reconstruct a three-dimensional (3D) image of specific regions of the patient’s teeth, ligaments, nerve canals, sinuses, upper and lower jaw bone. What are the benefits? CBCT offers a three-dimensional image vs. a two-dimensional image, like the digital x-rays taken in our office.  The CBCT allows for more visual detail and can be utilized in determining a specific diagnosis of pathology. What are the risks? CBCT imaging typically delivers significantly more ionizing radiation than conventional digital dental x-rays.  The cumulative effects of radiation are a serious concern and can lead to toxicity, cellular death, cancer, and many other significant health challenges.  Therefore, as a diagnostic tool,...


  • I have been to a lot of dentists in my 68 years and Dr Kaur is by far the very best. Dr Kaur and her team are professional, consistent, knowledgeable and responsive. Everyone listens and there is never any pressure to choose any particular treatment or approach. Dr Kaur is very up front with all information and offers choices and advice and helps me make an informed decision. I prefer a health care provider who takes me seriously and gives me the information I need to make the best choice for my situation. This is clearly the case in Dr Kaur’s office. This is an exceptional group of people doing excellent work. Additionally, I’ve needed a couple of crowns and repair of old fillings and it is always performed quickly and expertly. The results are high quality and lasting. When done, my bite is always perfect and follow up, when needed is always on time and shows real concern.
  • I feel so very lucky to have found Dr. Kaur. I suffered for a decade with mysterious ailments and heightened chemical sensitivities that made my life very difficult. I found Dr. Kaur on a recommendation to my doctor from the Integrative Medical Department at HCMC. I had recently had a reaction to some dental work that made me suspect that some of my issues might be dental related, but my dentist at the time dismissed my concerns. Dr. Kaur discovered the root of my problem in my first appointment when she tested the electrical charges of my teeth and found one root canal/crown that was particularly strong. It was the beginning of a normal life for me again. I spent a decade being very ill and dysfunctional. Thanks to Dr. Kaur and her staff, I have a fully functional life again. I can’t imagine what it would be like had I not found her. +
  • I was so impressed that after our long 2.5 hr Monday dental appointment for making impressions for my two new crowns that you sent me to the dental lab the following day in St Louis Park for a color consult and photo op so my new crowns ( 7 & 15) had the best chance of matching the other teeth. I never realized  that I had those white horizontal streaks.  Being such a curious researcher and investigative person that I am— it was just great to learn about the behind the scenes of making new teeth for the community of dentists.