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At Tara Kaur, DDS, we are dedicated to patient centered biological dentistry and a holistic approach to wellness. Together, our dental team has decades of experience in natural healthcare. We understand the importance of enlisting the body, mind and spirit to the care of your mouth and the maintenance of your well-being.
Our health centered dental practice promotes mercury free, fluoride free, anxiety free and eco-friendly general dentistry. We strive to educate, empower and assist all patients in making informed health care decisions.
We nurture our patient relationships with trust and confidence, building a solid foundation for your journey to health and wholeness. We are deeply and personally committed to making the world a healthier and happier place one patient at a time.
We invite you to learn more about us and ask questions, we are passionately excited to share our knowledge and experience with you!


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Stay Tuned!

Stay Tuned!

We have some VERY exciting news to tell you in the upcoming week or two!


  • This is the most compassionate and thorough office I have ever been to. Each person is treated as an individual and the care is personalized.
  • Tara Kaur ‘s dental office offers the best of holistic dentistry in the twin cities. The caring and attentiveness of all staff truly let’s you know that they are listening to their clients, an important part of holistic health care. All this is done along with state of the art dental technology and professionals who continue to stay on the...
  • I have been a patient since the start. I actually look forward to dentist appointments. I know I will be treated very well. They have always worked with me to see me when problems have come up. I truly appreciate all they have done.