Lasers for Oral Health

The power of Light can be used to heal, rejuvenate, and renew is many ways.  At TKDDS, we are in tune with the incredible opportunities different wavelengths of light provide for oral health and healing.  Let’s briefly review how we integrate diode laser use into our dental hygiene department at TKDDS.

Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR):  The mouth, like the gut, is populated with bacteria.  At times, the immune system can be weakened and may benefit from additional support to stay in balance. During a dental cleaning, there is opportunity for pathogenic (bad) bacteria to get into the bloodstream and find their way to vulnerable structures/organs within the body and thereby activating an immune response.  With LBR, the majority of the pathogenic bacteria is eliminated, greatly reducing immune system strain, and making the cleaning safer from a whole-body perspective.  LBR can benefit anyone, takes 3-5 minutes to complete, and can be performed at any regular dental cleaning appointment.

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT):  LAPT is used in the presence of Periodontal Disease, in conjunction with scaling and root planning periodontal procedures.  The laser is focused into infected periodontal tissue pockets, eliminating pathogenic bacteria and removing dead tissue, all the while, leaving the healthy tissues intact. LAPT promotes periodontal tissue pocket reduction, re-attachment of loose periodontal tissues, reduction in post-operative pain, and faster healing time.  We have seen LAPT eliminate the need for periodontal surgery and/or antibiotic use in many patients.  LAPT takes about 15 minutes per quadrant and can be done several times throughout the course of periodontal treatment.

Diode lasers are invaluable tools in the TKDDS hygiene department. The proper use of laser treatment during your dental cleanings promotes precision dental medicine as laser treatment is less invasive, more localized, and leads to faster healing time with less discomfort.  Ask us how YOU might benefit from a laser treatment at your next cleaning appointment, we look forward to seeing you soon!