A note from Dr. Kaur:

A note from Dr. Kaur:

As we dive deeply into the heart of summer, it can be helpful and healing to reconnect with nature. Spending time outdoors with your feet on the Earth, engaged with the beauty and wisdom of the natural elements can bring about a sense of peace, harmony and balance within. The energy of summer is very supportive in utilizing this inner peace, harmony and balance to facilitate external healthy growth and expansion.

At TKDDS, we provide assistance in restoring balance and harmony within our patient’s lives through natural oral health and whole body integrated wellness. A fundamental philosophy we embrace in our dental practice is providing the body and spirit a safe nurturing environment which honors the Earth and supports connection and healing.

TKDDS is growing, thanks to your trust and referrals (I am so grateful for each and every one of you and all of the amazing ways you bless my life)! A new cycle is presenting itself and I am harnessing the powerful summer energy to make some changes within our office to enhance and support our growth. My vision is to bring more natural elements into our clinic to enhance the life-force energy which supports us all.

Throughout the upcoming months, you may notice some changes within our dental clinic. I am tapping into the brilliance of Geomantic Science or Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese natural science is a discipline of understanding the innate wisdom of the Earth and how to live in harmony with it by properly orienting, designing and decorating the spaces we occupy. Feng Shui utilizes balanced natural elements to bring about health and harmony. My vision is to create a space that supports you, supports me, supports the whole TKDDS Team and perhaps even inspires a curiosity for some of you to explore it more intimately in your own life experience and the spaces you occupy.

As always, I welcome your feedback as we move through this living experiment. I am excited and curious as to how it will impact us all. Embracing and flowing with change reveals the miracles Life has in store for us and THAT, my friends, is awesome 🙂

Live into your dreams! -Dr. Kaur