Time Change + Sleep: Helpful Habits

Time Change + Sleep: Helpful Habits

At Tara Kaur DDS, we’ve all felt the effects daylight savings has had on our sleep. And while we welcome the warming weather and extended period of daylight, we sometimes forget some healthy habits that can aid in our lack of sleep. Here are some changes we can make during the day, to help at night:


  • Do eat:
    • Healthy fats, high antioxidants, quality proteins
  • Limit eating:
    • Sugars, grains, vegetable oils, caffeine after 1 PM


    • Consistent bedtime and wake-up time
    • Drink lots of water during the day
    • Soothing baths
    • Get outside for some fresh air and sunlight – go ahead and exercise!
    • Avoid artificial light after the sun goes down
    • Stretch and/or massage before bed

Bedroom Environment

  • Remove artificial light
    • Keep room temperature around 65-68 degrees
    • White noise
    • Get to bed before 10 PM

Let’s celebrate the beginning of springtime in Minnesota by taking advantage of the beautiful weather we’re having! Help yourself enjoy the day by incorporating some of these healthy habits to boost energy while getting enough sleep.

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